Wellground Alpacas in Wiltshire, breeding elite alpaca.

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Wellground Farm is currently CLOSED to all visitors.

Rob and Les Rawlins began breeding alpaca in Wiltshire in the 1990’s.Wellground Close Encounter Their breeding plan involved the finest animals they could source for their herd. This paid off with an outstanding herd of top quality UK sourced alpacas.  Careful selection culminated in successfully breeding a white stud male alpaca, ‘Wellground Farleigh’ who won the ‘Supreme Champion’ Award at Europe’s biggest Alpaca Show, the 2004 Royal Bath and West Show. Many more Supreme Champion awards were won by Wellground bred alpacas in the years that followed.

Enjoying the alpacas in the sunshineSince 2006, Wellground Alpaca Stud have been breeding stud stock from their imported Australian elite alpaca herd, using a selective breeding plan to create a core herd of some of the finest fleece producing alpacas available in the UK today, described by Rob as alpacas of Quality rather than Quantity. Animals with wonderfully fine and bright fleeces that are not only highly sought after, but are resident in the UK without all the extra worry and expense of importing them from the other side of the World. Alpacas with elite Australian genetics are here now.

Rob and Les needed to live on the land to provide adequateWellground Alpaca Stud care for the alpacas. Using a sound business plan involving farming alpacas on just 6 acres of grazing land, they successfully obtained planning permission for a Canadian Log Cabin as their farmhouse. The dream of a solid timber log home came true.

Successfully obtaining Planning Permission for a dwelling on just 6 acres of grazing land gave heart to other smallholders. Encouragement has been given to others who also own small pockets of land and dream of living with their animals on their land.

Rob Rawlins

Rob Rawlins at Wellground Alpaca Stud in Wiltshire

Thanks to the current viability of farming alpacas in the U.K. and the understanding of the Planning Authorities, Wellground Farm was created. It became one of the Britain’s first purpose built alpaca farms. Rob and Les are now ‘Living the Dream’.

Wellground Alpacas have an enviable reputation over the last 15 years for breeding some of the UK’s finest alpacas.  Rob and Les breed and offer for sale only elite alpacas with exceptional ancestors, pedigree proven stock. However, Rob and Les will provide more than just alpacas to start your foundation herd. They will provide back-up and support for new breeders where required, Rob and Les will be there for you and your alpacas. Providing not only back-up and support, but peace of mind. Why not call and visit Wellground Alpaca Stud in Wiltshire, 07985 235862.